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My Story

Hello, I am Adriana Dobbs, and I'm a Certified Sound Facilitator who has made it my life's mission to help others find peace and wellness through sound therapy. My company, Serenity Sounds Vibrational Sound Therapy, is a testament to my dedication to this mission. With my certifications from the Vibrational Sound Association and Sonic Mastery System, I am well-equipped to help individuals rebuild their resilience and find inner strength through sound therapy.

What sets me apart is my personal experience with autoimmune disease. As someone who understands the challenges of living with a chronic illness, I am uniquely qualified to help others who are struggling with similar issues. I aim to calm the nervous system through my sound baths and promote well-being and self-care. By sharing my own journey, I want to inspire others to take charge of their own healing and find the peace they seek.

Whether you are dealing with a chronic illness or simply looking for a way to reduce stress and improve your overall well-being, my sound baths are an excellent choice. With my expertise and compassionate approach, I can help you find the peace and healing you deserve.

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My Approach

Serenity Sounds uses Vibrational Sound Therapy or VST. The VST method combines a powerful vibration and tones using Himalayan Singing bowls to induce an immediate relaxed state. The induction of sound waves directly into the body, along with soothing ambient tones, is such a strong treatment that clients often report effects ranging from a meditative state to deep relaxaton and some even report a sleeping state. By placing the bowls directly on the body and using correct techniques, I engage the body both physically and aurally.

One major comfort barrier that prevents many people from receiving a traditional massage is the fear of being touched by a stranger. Rest assured that during your VST session, you are always fully clothed and never directly touched by the practitioner. This does not diminish the connection between you and the practitioner as the spiritual intimacy and intention are both maintained through the sound and vibration transmitted through the bowls.

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