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Serenity Sounds offers a unique vibrational sound therapy experience. During your private session, custom Himalayan Singing bowls can provide deep relaxation and rejuvenation through gentle vibration and soothing sounds. Therapy sessions are offered in 30, 60, and 90 minute blocks.

Options for soundbaths include; individual in office, on location, private group, sunrise beach, and corporate health and wellness events.

Please use the form below to request a session. 

Sound bath sound healing

Private & Group SoundBaths

Starting at $250 and up based on number of participants and location

Sound baths use various sound instruments including crystal bowls to provide an immersion or 'bath' in deep, soothing sound wave energy. This is a therapy that can provide such a calming and relaxing state that many clients fall into a peaceful, meditative, rejuvenating sleep.

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